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What is a chapter?

A DBL Chapter is a branch of our non-profit. A DBL Chapter consists of a group of people devoted to our cause. The difference between a nonprofit and chapter is scope; a chapter’s efforts are focused on a specific area. Whether it is 5 people or 70, each chapter is crucial to DBL’s mission. A chapter can be a school club, a community group, or a group of friends.

About a DBL Chapter

Why to start a chapter

1. Help create a positive and more accepting dance community

2. Take on a leadership role and manage a team

3. Meet new people

4. Build connections

5. Develop your leadership, management, and organizational skills

6. Earn tons of volunteer service hours!

How to start your chapter

1. Read the DBL Chapter Starter Guide

2. Register your Dancers Beyond Labels chapter (for school clubs, register/introduce your chapter at your school BEFORE filling out the DBL registration form)

3. Interview with a member of the DBL Executive Team

4. Appoint your chapter's officers

5.  Organize all the forms needed to maintain your chapter (make sure you know when your budget form needs to be sent each year)

6. Plan goals and initiatives that your chapter will carry out

7. Plan and brainstorm events and fundraisers

8. Recruit members

 How to promote your chapter

1. Pass out flyers

2. Post on social media and get people at your school to repost

3. Advertise in your school newspaper, magazine, video announcements, or any other available forms of school-wide communication

4. If possible, participate in your school's club fair

5. Use relatable platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc.

6. Create incentives that encourage people to join

7. Draw potential membership from network studios in your area

Ready to get started?

View our Chapter Starter Guide, which is essential in creating a successful DBL chapter:

Register your chapter through this form:

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