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Have any questions? Check out our FAQs.

How to become a DBL volunteer:

1. Sign up

Signing up to be a volunteer is super easy. Just fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up Form

2. Volunteer! 

Once you've signed up to be a volunteer, you'll receive a welcome message informing you how to how to join our volunteer Band group. Once you join the Band group, our volunteering head will post information about volunteering opportunities and how to sign up. 

3. Submit Hours for Approval

After completing your volunteer work, do everything as instructed. Then, submit your hours for approval.

DBL Events/Fundraising Team

Our Events/Fundraising Team uses their positivity and creativity to help promote eating disorder awareness and support. Members may be asked to send fundraisers to their family members, walk a few miles, join a Zoom meeting, send an inspirational video to a patient in ED treatment, or participate in game nights! Volunteers also help us advocate for certain policies/standards within the dance community. DBL volunteers should be communicative and collaborative, and should have/know how to utilize their connections in order to increase DBL's donations.

DBL Arts and Care Packages Team

Our Arts and Care Packages Team makes the cards (E-cards and handmade), crafts, and packages that we send to our partner ED treatment centers. Volunteers on the Arts and Care Packages Team do not need to have previous art experience, but should put forth their best effort in creating cards and packages. Please note that we do filter artwork to ensure that it aligns with the policies of our partner treatment centers.

  • How do I volunteer for Dancers Beyond Labels?
    Volunteering for Dancers Beyond Labels is super easy! Just fill out the DBL Volunteer Sign Up Form. Once you've submitted the form, you should receive an email with instructions on how to join our volunteer Band group within 5-10 business days. Our volunteering head will post volunteer opportunities on Band and will publish information about how to redeem service hours.
  • What would I do as a DBL volunteer?
    Every month, Dancers Beyond Labels has at least one event/fundraiser. All of our events work to support and uplift dancers, patients, or ED treatment centers. DBL volunteers can participate in these events, which are posted on the volunteer Band group throughout the month. Depending on the event, volunteering for DBL might involve hanging up a poster in your neighbourhood, walking a few miles, joining a Zoom meeting, filming a video for a patient in ED recovery, or sending a fundraiser link to your family members. Participation in our events/fundraisers is totally optional.
  • Can I volunteer for DBL if I don't live in a certain state?
    Absolutely; almost all of our volunteer opportunities allow for participation anywhere in the world. Regardless of your location, we would be honored to have you on our volunteering team. You can also help out by spreading the word about our organization and mission! Share our Instagram, Facebook, and website with your friends, dance teachers, and family members.
  • Do I get service hours for volunteering?
    Yes! Anything you do to help Dancers Beyond Labels counts for service hours. Once you sign up to be a volunteer, our executive team members will give you more details about how to earn service hours and where to submit those hours. If you have additional questions about service hours, make sure to ask the volunteering head - they are there to help you!
  • How does DBL distribute service hours?
    Once you've joined the volunteer Band group, our volunteering head will provide you with a link to the Volunteer Service Hours form. Once you've participated in an event, fill out the Volunteer Service Hours form. Our volunteering head will review your submission, approve your service hours, and send you a signed certificate of volunteer service.
  • Does DBL have any available leadership positions?
    You can definitely start a chapter in your area if you are looking to lead a team. Learn more about how to start a chapter here. We currently don't have any available leadership positions at DBL's headquarters. However, we do have the occasional opening. Make sure to follow our Instagram to stay updated!
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